Top 10 paper towel brands in China

Tissue paper is our daily necessities in life, then, in China, what is the best quality tissue brand? Let’s go and have a look together!



headquator: Zhongshan

year of Found:1999

The zhongshunjierou brand belongs to Zhongshunjierou Paper Co. , Ltd. , which integrates research, development, production and sales, it has six production bases in Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Chengdu, Jiaxing, Xiaogan, and Tangshan, and its sales network extends to south, Hwaseo, north and central China, products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Currently, “Jie Rou” is one of the three famous Chinese brands in China’s household paper industry, and “Jie Rou” and “Sun” are two of the four well-known trademarks.



headquator: Hongkong

year of Found: 1985

VINDA International, a famous brand of paper towel, a famous brand of wet paper Towel, a famous trademark of Guangdong Province, a famous brand of Guangdong Province, a listed company of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is a research, development, production and sales of modern domestic paper large-scale enterprises, is the China Paper Association of Domestic Paper Professional Committee vice-chairman unit, is China’s sanitary paper industry products, the largest sales of one of the enterprises.

In the production scale, product quality, market share, economic efficiency has been in the leading position of domestic household paper industry.



headquator: Hongkong

year of Found: 1985

Xinxiangyin is a brand of Heng An international Group Co. , Ltd. . A well-known paper towel brand, founded in 1985, is one of the well-known brands in the domestic household paper industry, listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, and one of the enterprises that entered the sanitary towel market in China earlier, one of the largest manufacturers of household paper and sanitary articles for women and children in China.

The leading products of Hengan paper industry are “Xinxiangyin” household paper products. The product series mainly include web paper, tissue paper, paper handkerchief, paper Napkin, soft tissue paper, various kinds of sanitary paper used in public service, etc. . “Xinxiangyin” with good brand reputation and quality assurance, become the leading brand of China’s household paper industry, widely favored by consumers.



headquator: Guangzhou

year of Found: 1998

Founded in 1998 in China, the Qingfeng brand is a subsidiary of Jinhongye Paper Group Co. , Ltd. . It is dedicated to producing high-quality paper for daily use, improving the quality of life for millions of families. Adhering to the “you use paper, I plant trees, practice the Green Cycle” principle, six trees, with a tree, the maintenance of nature’s balance of nature.

Qingfeng has become one of the leading domestic paper brands in China, according to data from Nelson, a third party market research company, it is also one of the top 50 fast-selling brands in China. At the same time the breeze also with its reassuring product quality, the sales area throughout the major provinces and cities and towns.



headquator: Chengdu

year of Found: 2016

The bambu brand belongs to Chengdu Bambu Natural E-commerce Co. , Ltd. . Babo is a brand owned by Sichuan Huanlong Group. It has its own intellectual property rights and pioneered the bamboo fiber extraction process of “biomass refining technology” , its Natural Bamboo Kun has antibacterial, antibacterial, acaricidal, anti-odorous and anti-ultraviolet functions.

The company from bamboo planting to biomass technology research and development, extraction of biomass bamboo fiber, production of bamboo paper, to provide a variety of household paper products, make the process a beautiful cycle, without adding to the environmental burden.



headquator: Guangdong

year of Found: 2006

Guangdong Bilun Living Paper Co. , Ltd. is a comprehensive modern living paper enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales and service. It has been established in the Chinese living paper industry for more than ten years, with the most advanced production equipment and modern production base, the main production “ho-comfort” , “smile 100” and other brand series of high-grade household paper.

Ho-comfort is a necessity of modern family life, gentle and fashionable, intimate and elegant, with high-quality paper advocating a harmonious and healthy lifestyle. Good family spirit to virtue for pulp, to love for fiber, to love for softness, to bring a clean and warm sunshine in daily life.



headquator: Fujian

year of Found: 1985

Heng ‘an International Group Co. , Ltd. , one of the enterprises that entered the sanitary napkin market in China earlier, one of the larger domestic enterprises producing sanitary Napkin for women and diapers for babies, and one of the enterprises producing sanitary articles for women, diapers and household sanitary articles, sales and distribution network across the country, Hong Kong listed companies. Preferred is Hengan group famous paper towel brand, products include: Handkerchief Paper, paper towels, paper Napkins, toilet paper, wet tissue.



headquator: Beijing

year of Found: 1976

Tranlin brand is Quanlin Group’s own brand, with independent intellectual property rights and more than 160 patents. “natural color” raw pulp technology extraction of natural plant fiber, the whole process without the use of bleaching agents and other harmful agents, is a new generation of pollution-free, no harm to the human body, raw pulp, primary color of healthy and environmentally friendly pulp-making technology.

Founded in 1976, the National Innovative Enterprise, the National Circular Economy Standardization Pilot Unit, the National Environmental Printing Paper Standardization Testing and promotion base, with pulp and paper industry as the core of large-scale group enterprises.



headquator: Zhejiang

year of Found: 2015

Corou moisturizing tissue was born in 2015, the brand from the future of ingenuity, from the new concept, committed to bringing Chinese babies a more moist, safe and healthy paper life.

To find the secrets of healthy and skin-friendly from the virgin forests of Canada, we selected high-quality wood pulp imported from Canada, combined with Japanese moisturizing technology and modern technology to lock water molecules in paper towels, will be soft and moist skin, safety and health into each-pieces of paper towels.

Take good care of each baby’s skin health, to you and your baby bring a different soft experience!



headquator: Hunan

year of Found: 2015

Zofee Paper Co. , Ltd.’s “Zofee” bamboo pulp series paper towels, with a professional research and development team, production base and the world’s leading production technology, the product is 100% natural bamboo pulp production, in the production process, the original bleaching process was canceled, natural color was realized, no harmful additives were added, and the product passed the AP food grade standards of the US FDA and the European Union, the outstanding advantages of the products are: non-bleaching, natural antibacterial, good toughness, food-grade, affordable, with bamboo as raw material to protect the environment from tree-cutting.

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