Top 10 cooking oil brands in China

We need cooking oil when cooking, cooking oil can make our meals more delicious. So, what are the famous edible oil brands in China? Let’s have a look at it together!



headquator: Shandong

year of Found:1997

Shandong Sanxing Corn Industry Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. is the first manufacturer specializing in the production and development of corn oil in China. Since 1997, it has taken the lead in carrying out the banner of “Corn Healthy Oil” in China, and has gone through more than ten years, now it has the production capacity of processing 1.2 million tons of corn germ annually, producing 400,000 tons of refined corn oil annually and filling 400,000 tons of small package annually.

It is the largest professional enterprise in China at present to produce and export corn oil, it is the only national research and development base of corn oil industry in China. With the idea and strength of leading industry, it has created the leading brand of Chinese corn oil —— — “longevity flower” .



headquator: Beijing

year of Found:1993

COFCO international (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. , a well-known brand of rice, a well-known brand of edible oil, one of the few domestic producers of steamed rice, a large domestic rice processing and trading enterprise under COFCO group, in 2008, the series of kitchen food such as condiment / Rice / Sugar / Coarse Grains / soy sauce and vinegar were put on the market successively.

Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida. We have a large kitchen food family, including edible oil, rice, sugar, spices, food and other products.

And in order to meet you and your family for nutrition, health, delicious pursuit of continuous research and development of innovative products. Fulinmen cooking oil is China’s space special cooking oil, but also for you to create a safe home cooking oil.



headquator: Shandong

year of Found:2001

Shandong Luhua Group Co. , Ltd. , a famous brand of edible oil-peanut oil, expert in peanut oil press, taking peanut oil as the leading factor, at the same time take into account the sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, sesame oil and other categories of diversified development of edible oil industry enterprises.

In 2002, Luhua peanut oil was awarded the honorary title of “National Safe Oil” ; in 2003, it became “oil for state banquet in the Great Hall of the People” ; in 2004, it was awarded “Nutrition Health Advocacy Product” by the National Center for Public Nutrition and development; In the same year, “Luhua” trademark was recognized as “China’s well-known Trademark” ; in 2005, Luhua peanut oil was rated as “China’s famous brand” products.

In 2013, Luhua’s “5s pure physical pressing process” won the “National Science and Technology Progress Award” . Luhua has become the most popular brand of peanut oil in China.



headquator: Shandong

year of Found:1986

Shandong Xiwang Food Co. , Ltd. , famous brand of corn oil, started in 1986, Shandong famous brand products, listed company. The company mainly produces and sells Xiwang Corn oil, which is the largest corn oil production base in China. It was named “China Corn Oil city” by China Food Industry Association in August 2010.

Relying on the advantages of natural resources, the company takes “building the first brand of Chinese corn oil” as its goal, adhering to the management philosophy of leading quality and honest management, to provide quality, nutritious and healthy products to the community.



headquator: Qingdao

year of Found:1918

Hujihua in Qingdao, based on years of investigation of the origin of peanuts and analysis of the production situation, only the top grade peanuts with rich fragrance and full grain were selected as raw materials, in the acquisition process of each batch of raw materials are strict sampling, inspection, to ensure the quality of peanut raw materials, from raw materials to ensure natural mellow.




year of Found:1996

Panzhongcan is a brand of Jiajia Food Group Co. , Ltd. . Panzhongcan edible oil includes mixed oil, Camellia seed oil, corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil, sesame oil and many other kinds of oil. It is suitable for frying, frying, deep-frying and cold mixing, provides the diversification edible oil choice space for the consumer.

Jia Jia Food Group Co. , Ltd. is a research and development, production, marketing of seasoning food listed enterprises, established in 1996.



headquator: Guangdong

year of Found:1984

Established in 1984, Guangdong Yingma Food Co. , Ltd. is headquartered in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. It is the earliest professional production of small package of edible oil one of the enterprises. At present, the company’s products mainly include peanut oil, corn oil, soybean oil blend oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil and olive oil, including more than 60 varieties of seven series.

Since 1984 launched “Yingma” this edible oil brand, after nearly 30 years of development, Eagle Mark Company has become the annual production and sales volume of more than 100,000 tons of enterprises.



headquator: Hunan

year of Found:1995

Daodaoquan grain and Oil Co. , Ltd. , Hunan Famous trademark, Hunan famous brand products, large-scale comprehensive oil processing enterprises, mainly crush oil, flavor oil, blend oil, pure oil, gift oil, catering oil six series oil products.

Domestic rapeseed oil field leading brand, the industry’s first focused on the field of rapeseed oil listed company Grease brand. Twenty has always focused on technical R & D and Innovation in the field of rapeseed oil, the original frozen dewaxing, nitrogen-filled fresh and other patented technology, making daodaoquan brand products have a very high market reputation.



headquator: Hunan

year of Found:1993

Hunan Jinhao Tea Oil Co. , Ltd. , famous brand of tea oil, famous brand of Hunan Province, famous brand of Hunan Province, set scientific research, planting, production and sale of tea seed series of high-grade edible vegetable oil in one modern private enterprise.



headquator: Xiamen

year of Found:2002

The first business department of Xiamen Shengzhou Vegetable Oil Co. , Ltd. is affiliated to Xiamen Zhongsheng Grain and Oil Group Co. , Ltd. , which was established on October 23,2002. The quality and hygienic standard of “Shengzhou” peanut oil are superior to GB GB1534-86, GB2716-88, the oil is clear and transparent, the smell is pure, rich in essential fatty acids, does not contain cancer-causing aflatoxins, does not contain cholesterol, fried, fried, boiled and fried without oily fumes, can maintain the kitchen environment hygiene, it is a high grade edible oil with medical and health care function.

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