Top 10 tangyuan brands in China

In some Chinese festivals, such as the winter solstice and the Lantern Festival, we eat Tangyuan, which means reunion and reunion. In fact, Tangyuan is not only good, but delicious! Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Chinese dumpling brand!



headquator: Zhengzhou

year of Found: 1997

Zhengzhou SYNEAR Food Co. , Ltd. is one of the largest professional frozen food manufacturers in China. SYNEAR industrial park is located in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou. SYNEAR food has a hand to play the world dumplings, dumplings soup soup, Yutangyuan, Chinese pasta and other star products.

Company Tangyuan products by the Ministry of Agriculture Green Food Development Center recognized as “Green Food” , SYNEAR brand Tangyuan, dumplings have been “Chinese brand” title.



headquator: Zhengzhou

year of Found: 1987

Zhengzhou Sanquan Food Co. , Ltd. , Jiaozi-zongzi-tangyuan famous brand, started in 1987, Henan Province famous trademark, Henan famous brand, listed company, one of the country’s larger frozen food production enterprises.

As the pioneer and leader of China’s frozen food industry, the country’s largest frozen food producer, Mitsutomo food has been standing at the forefront of China’s frozen food delicious and healthy fields for 20 years, fully carrying forward the traditional food culture, using modern technology and technology, focus on research and development of different flavors of food, to bring consumers fresh quality food, a good modern life.

Wanchai Ferry(湾仔码头)


headquator: Hongkong

year of Found: 1978

Wanchai Ferry brand, belonging to General Mills (China) Co. , Ltd. , Wanchai Ferry, began in 1978 in Hong Kong, frozen food well-known brand, to make dumplings to start, in 1997 by the United States General Mills Acquisition.

In 1997, the company established a joint venture with General Mills of the United States, and then set up production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou, handmade Wanchai Ferry dumplings, wontons and Tangyuan. Now Wanchai Ferry dumplings and occupy the south China market frozen food half of the country, in Beijing also reached more than 20% of the market share.



headquator: Taiwan

year of Found: 1979

“LongFong” was established in Taiwan in 1977. For a long time, they have been actively involved in the development of fast-frozen food with a forward-looking vision, and have established the correct concept of fast-frozen food for consumers, adhering to the belief of “Taiwan experience, mainland development, world marketing” , I aspire to become a leader in frozen food industry, with constant efforts and research and development, to provide consumers with better and healthier food, to lead the trend and development of food culture.



headquator: Taiwan

year of Found: 1995

Shanghai Shida Food Co. , Ltd. was established in 1995 by Taiwan’s Guiguan group with a total investment of US $30 million. The company has inherited the Taiwan’s Guiguan advanced production technology and rich production experience for more than 30 years, and strives to transform the essence of Chinese tradition and foreign cuisine into high-quality frozen food.



headquator: Shantou

year of Found: 1975

Haibawang Food Co. , Ltd. , haibawang-jiatianxia, a well-known brand of quick-frozen food, started in 1975 in Taiwan, and its “Jiatianxia” brand dumplings and Tangyuan series are well known, set frozen food, entertainment, real estate as one of the multinational taiwan-owned enterprises.

Since its establishment in Kaohsiung in 1975, Haibawang Restaurant has adhered to the principles of “clear” , “fresh” and “ample” , emphasizing “color, aroma, taste and shape” , and using delicious food to win the affection of every customer, and not regularly to the origin of strict selection of fresh, delicious ingredients, developed seasonal creative cuisine, in order to meet customer demand for food.

Lai Tangyuan(赖汤圆)


headquator: Sichuan

year of Found: 1894

Sichuan Chengdu Catering Company, Lai Tangyuan, famous brand of Tangyuan. The boss, Lai Yuanxin, has been cooking and selling glutinous rice balls along the streets of Chengdu since 1894. His Macao BACCARAT glutinous rice balls are made without rotting skin, revealing the secret of the meat and making soup.

They are eaten without sticking chopsticks, teeth or greasy mouth. They are moist and sweet, smooth and sticky, become the most famous snack in Chengdu. Now Lai Tangyuan, to maintain the quality of the old name excellent snacks, its color smooth white, waxy skin, sweet oil heavy, rich nutrition.



headquator: Ningbo

year of Found: 2013

Ningbo Tangyuan Gangyagou as the most famous local China Time-honored Brand, Chinese snacks, intangible cultural heritage, Gangyagou to soup dumplings as a feature, operating a variety of cuisine, including Rice,mianxian, mixian, mifen, desserts, beverages and many other categories, such as jiangbanyuanzi, xiarou wonton, Ningbo dumpling, xueyu niurou chaofan, kaicongbanmian, Xianji niangaotang, hongshaoniuroumian and so on.



headquator: Guangzhou

year of Found: 1935

Guangzhou Jiujia Group Likoufu Food Co. , Ltd. , Moon Cake well-known brand, famous brand moon cake, China Time-honored Brand, Moon cake industry standard-setting unit, Guangzhou Jiujia group under a large modern food production enterprises.

After more than 10 years of development, the company has formed a marketing network with east China as the center and radiating across the country. In 2014, the group’s output exceeded 200,000 tons and sales revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan, gradually grow into a more influential and well-known quick-frozen food production enterprises.



headquator: Fujian

year of Found: 2001

Fujian Anjoy Food Co. , Ltd. , famous brand of quick-frozen food, famous brand of Fujian Province, famous brand of Fujian Province, mainly engaged in hot pot products and quick-frozen rice products research and development, production and sales.

Fujian Anjoy Food Co. , Ltd. was established in December 2001. The registered capital is 162.03 million yuan. The address is 2508 Xinyang road, Haicang District, Xiamen, mainly engaged in hot pot products (frozen SURIMI products, frozen meat products mainly) and frozen flour rice products R & D, production and sales.

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