30 kinds of snacks that Chinese people love to eat

The so-called “food is the heaven for the people”, Chinese people have a great obsession with eating, which is not only reflected in three meals a day, but also the snacks they eat in their free time. There are many local snacks in China. This article has selected 30 favorite snacks of Chinese people to share with you. You will definitely be greedy!

Melon seed(瓜子)

Melon seeds are one of the most common snacks in China, especially during the New Year, every household will buy a large bag of sunflower seeds, and then pour them on a plate to entertain relatives and friends, chatting and eating the seeds. It is very happy.

There are many types of Chinese melon seeds. In addition to the most common sunflower seeds, there are pumpkin seeds, black melon seeds, white melon seeds, etc. Each kind of melon seeds has its own unique flavor and is worth a try. Many Chinese people also regard melon seeds as their best partner in movies and TV dramas. Watching movies and TV dramas while eating melon seeds is a double enjoyment of vision and taste. Secretly tell you a secret, the action of eating melon seeds will make people more and more addicted. If you don’t believe me, try it.

WangWang XueBing and XianBei (旺旺雪饼、仙贝)

In Chinese eyes, the WangWang XueBing and the WangWang XianBei is one kind of very auspicious and the delicious snack, because “Wang” the character represents the lucky, the rich meaning. So every year during the Spring Festival, Chinese people will buy a few packets of WangWang XueBing or Xianbei at home, eat the WangWang XueBing and Xianbei, this year is sure to be smooth.

In addition to being well intentioned, they also taste great. The WangWang XueBing is a pale yellow round rice cake with white flakes on its surface, hence the name. It’s so sweet and Crunchy, you can’t help but eat one after the other. WangWang Xianbei is a yellow oval rice cake, the surface of a thin layer of powder, salty delicious, children also love to eat.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy (大白兔奶糖)

The White Rabbit Creamy Candy is a white cylindrical candy with a strong Milky Flavor and a chewy texture. Each is wrapped in edible rice paper and wrapped in a wrapper with the word “White Rabbit Creamy Candy” on the outside, and tighten it at both ends.

For China’s post 1980s and 1990s generation, White Rabbit Creamy Candy has been with them all their childhood, so the taste is hard to forget. There used to be only plain White Rabbit Creamy Candy, now there are more and more flavors, there are Red Bean Flavor, yogurt flavor, corn flavor, chocolate flavor, when not happy to eat a big white sugar candy, mood has become good, do you want to try?

Peanut Nougat(花生牛轧糖)

Peanut nougat is a kind of sugar that Chinese people love to eat. It is made of peanuts, marshmallows, milk powder and other materials. It is also a chewy milk-flavored candy. It is added with crispy peanut The reason makes it richer in taste. However, peanut nougat is very high in calories, don’t be greedy!


When it comes to Chinese snacks, you can’t go without Latiao. In recent years, under the catalysis of Internet culture, Latiao has been regarded as a symbol of “childhood taste” , and has become the number one “Internet celebrity” in leisure snacks with an annual output value of 50 billion yuan.

Spicy strips are especially popular with children and young people. Its sweet and spicy taste, people eat more and more addictive. Primary School Students after school at the school entrance of the store to buy a packet of spicy strips, with fellow children to share, while eating spicy strips on the way home, very happy.

For the grown up Chinese youth who often ate Latiao as a child, Latiao is a mood. It reminds them of their childhood, which, of course, is delicious. But because spicy strips contain many food additives, you can’t eat too much.


Juewei and Zhou Hei Ya are both well-known braised products companies in China, covering poultry, livestock, vegetarian and seafood products in braised cooked food, with spicy and spicy flavors as the main products. Juewei and Zhou Hei Ya are very popular in China, attracting a large number of spicy consumers. It can be used as a snack or as a side dish. This kind of stewed spicy food has a characteristic, that is, the more you eat it, the more addictive it becomes. Even if you think it’s spicy, you can’t help but keep eating.

Paojiao Fengzhao(泡椒凤爪)

Paojiao Fengzhao is a delicious flavor made with chicken feet, red pickled peppers, wild mountain peppers, and white vinegar. It tastes hot and sour, and the skin is tough and meaty, which makes the Chinese people want to stop.

Paojiao Fengzhao is a delicacy in Sichuan and Chongqing. It is different from spicy strips and duck necks. The Paojiao Fengzhao’s spicy are very refreshing. There are many packaged Paojiao Fengzhaos for sale in Chinese supermarkets, Usually 0.5 to 1 dollars can be bought.


Mahua, a Chinese specialty, is fried in a twist of two or three strands of dough and tastes salty and sweet. Mahua is a must have snack for many Chinese people, who enjoy the delicious twist flower while drinking Chinese tea.

Now there are more and more flavors of Mahua, which makes people have more choices, besides the classic Brown Sugar Flavor and sesame flavor, there are also salt and pepper flavor, seaweed flavor, chive flavor, strange flavor, chocolate flavor, honey flavor and so on, the Snack Section of a Chinese supermarket is usually available.


For China’s post-80s and 90s generation, Jianlibao is their childhood “hot” drinks, whenever the festival or family guests to eat, mom and dad will take out a few dollars, let us go to the store to buy a large bottle of Jianlibao back. Jianlibao tastes sweet orange flavor, put in the refrigerator once taste will be better, sweet and cold.

Jianlibao and coca-cola, Pepsi, it is not the same, it is a sports drink, drink Jianlibao can ease fatigue and restore physical strength, athletes can drink. Jianlibao once had a phrase dubbed the slogan — Let the world taste the taste of China, Jianlibao is the taste of China.


In China, Shaqima has won people’s love because of its soft, sweet and delicious taste and melts in the mouth. Shaqima is mainly made of flour, eggs and white sugar. Some also add white sesame, raisins, and nuts to make the taste richer. Because Shaqima feels full, many Chinese students and office workers eat one or two Shaqima for breakfast when they are too late for breakfast.

There is another interesting statement about Shaqima. In Hong Kong, people usually call Shaqima a “horse”. Since horse racing gambling is commonly known as “betting on horses”, some Hong Kong people believe that after eating Shaqima, they can win in horse racing gambling. Do you want to try this kind of lucky Sachima?

Wangzai milk(旺仔牛奶)

Wangzai milk is a representative product of China Wangwang Group, and it is also a milk product that the Chinese born in the 1980s have drunk since childhood. The big red bottle of Wangzai Milk and the big Wangzai logo have long been popular among people. Its milk flavor is very fragrant. Although it is sweet milk, it is not greasy at all. It has always been one of the favorite milks for children.

Wangzai milk comes in boxes and cans. In addition to the classic red flavor, several new flavors have been introduced. For example, the green packaging is green apple flavor, and the yellow packaging is banana flavor, but I think the red classic is the best.

Hawthorn slices(山楂片)

Hawthorn slices are a kind of food made from hawthorn. They are generally round slices or rectangular slices. They are bright in color, sweet and sour, and have the effect of invigorating the spleen and appetizing. Children often suffer from loss of appetite and food accumulation. Chinese parents will buy them hawthorn slices to eat, which can be used as snacks and as an appetizer. Hawthorn slices are sour and sweet, and children love them too. However, hawthorn slices are relatively high in sugar, so you should not eat too much, otherwise your teeth will easily break!

Dried sweet potatoes(地瓜干)

Dried sweet potatoes are cooked and cut into strips or slices, and then dried in the sun. Dried sweet potatoes are yellow-to-red in color, fragrant and sweet, soft and chewy in texture, and are popular among Chinese people. What’s more rare is that dried sweet potatoes do not add any additives during the production process. It is a well-deserved “pure natural, no additives” food. It is a very healthy casual snack, and parents can also rest assured to eat it for children.

Wife cake(老婆饼)

Wife cake originated in Chaozhou, Guangdong. It is a traditional brand made with ingredients such as sugar winter melon, wheat flour, cake powder, caramel, and sesame. It has a thin skin and thick filling, a moist and soft filling, melts in the mouth, and has a sweet but not greasy taste. Many people may ask, why is this cake called a wife cake? Can you find your wife after eating this cake? of course not. There is a legend about the origin of the wife’s cake:

According to legend, in Guangzhou, there was a long-established teahouse founded in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. It is famous for all kinds of dim sum and biscuits. One day, a dim sum chef from Chaozhou in the teahouse brought home a variety of signature refreshments from the shop. My wife ate it. Unexpectedly, after his wife ate it, not only did he not praise the dim sum in the store, but even said disgustingly: “The dim sum in the restaurant is so plain and unremarkable. Nothing can compare to my mother’s dim sum winter melon horn!”

After listening to this, the master was naturally unconvinced and asked his wife to make “winter melon horns” for him to taste! My wife used winter melon puree, sugar, and flour to make a brown and unique “winter melon corner”; this Chaozhou master ate it, the flavor was really sweet and delicious, and she couldn’t help but praise her wife’s dessert!

The next day, this Chaozhou master brought the “Winter Melon Corner” back to the teahouse for everyone to taste. The owner of the teahouse was full of praise after eating, and asked who made this dessert in which teahouse? The masters said: “It was made by a Chaozhou wife!” So the boss casually said that it was “Chaozhou wife cake” and asked the Chaozhou master to improve it and sell it in a teahouse. The result was highly praised! Hence the name “Wife Cake”.

Mungbean cake(绿豆糕)

Mungbean cake is also a kind of food that Chinese people like very much. Mungbean cake, as the name suggests, is made with Mungbean as the main raw material, and Mungbean has the role of heat relief, in the hot summer, eat a piece of frozen Mungbean cake, a hot heart are quiet down.

Mungbean cakes are printed on the surface with beautiful patterns or fonts. They are light yellow or light green in color. They are fine and compact in taste, soft and soft and non-sticky. They are a kind of Chinese flavor worth trying.

Canned yellow peaches (黄桃罐头)

Canned yellow peaches are canned foods made from yellow peaches (fruits), which are usually eaten after opening the lid. Yellow peaches have a softer taste because they have been boiled. Soaked in rock sugar water increases the sweetness of yellow peaches. Therefore, it is a very suitable delicacy for people who love sweets and have bad teeth. In the hot summer, put the canned yellow peaches in the refrigerator before taking them out to eat, the taste will be better!

Flower cake(鲜花饼)

Flower cake is a unique edible rose in Yunnan Province as raw material made of shortbread, is the representative of the classic dim sum in Yunnan. When many Chinese from other provinces travel to Yunnan, they will buy some authentic flower cakes and give them as companion gifts to their relatives or friends. The crust of the flower cake is very crisp, the filling has a strong smell of roses, while drinking tea while eating the flower cake, very comfortable.

According to historical records, flower cakes as early as 300 years ago in the Qing Dynasty by a cake maker created, because the flower cakes with fragrance Qinxin, sweet but not greasy, beauty features, and spread widely. With the increasing reputation of the flower cake, the tribute from the officials in the dynasty made one become the imperial palace, and was deeply loved by the Emperor Qianlong, and was hand-picked by him: “In the future, the rose flower cake for the gods’ desserts does not need to be played again.”

Pineapple cake(凤梨酥)

Pineapple cake is a specialty in Taiwan. The pineapple puff pastry is crispy on the outside, and the filling is sweet but not greasy. This “combination of Chinese and Western” flavor is appreciated even by Westerners, so it has gradually become one of Taiwan’s favorite souvenirs for tourists on the island.

The filling of pineapple cake is not only pineapple, but winter melon is usually added for taste. There are many flavors of pineapple cake on the market, such as egg yolk, chestnut, pine nuts, etc. You can try it.

Wangzai QQ candy(旺仔QQ糖)

Wangzai QQ candy is a kind of soft candy made of white sugar, gelatin, citric acid, glucose and other ingredients launched by Wangwang company. It has a variety of flavors, including strawberry, lychee, peach, orange and pineapple flavor. , Green Apple, Blueberry, Grape, Coke. Wangzai QQ candies are colorful, crystal clear, chewy, sweet and sour, and are very popular among Chinese children.


Huamei is made from mature plums after processing and pickling. At first, the storyteller used it to moisturize the mouth. Because the storytelling time is long, the mouth will become dry, so there is a salted plum in the mouth. The sour and salty taste stimulates the taste buds and promotes the secretion of saliva. After that, the storyteller can continue talking. Because it is a common snack when talking and chatting, it is called Huamei. Does this sound interesting?

Huamei has become a very common snack in China. Because of its sour taste, it is very appetizing and helps digestion. Many pregnant mothers who have morning sickness love it. It has a certain effect on preventing morning sickness.

“DaDa” bubble gum(大大泡泡糖)

In 1989, “DaDa” bubble gum was loved by consumers after its launch in China, especially by children. The conspicuous “DaDa” logo on the packaging and the funny image of “DaDa Superman” became popular among the people. Many Chinese Elementary school students like to eat big bubble gum very much. They will also compete to see who blows the biggest bubbles. If you can’t blow bubbles, you may be “ridiculed” by your classmates! Come and experience this fun!


In the childhood memories of the Chinese born in the 80s and 90s, Chen Pidan must be indispensable. Chenpi Dan is a granular food made from tangerine peel, licorice, white sugar and edible salt. Because the shape is a bit like mouse poop, it is called “mouse poop” by adults.

The taste of Chenpidan is a bit sour, a bit sweet, a bit salty, and there is a hint of sweetness in the mouth after eating, which has the effect of enhancing appetite. Chenpidan also has the effect of refreshing and refreshing. Many Chinese office workers will prepare a bottle of Chenpidan at their workstations. When they are sleepy or tired, they will contain a capsule of Chenpidan. They feel more energetic at once. Effectively improve work efficiency.


Danhuangsu is a traditional Chinese pastry made of wheat, butter, egg yolk, red bean paste, etc. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of materials, the Danhuangsu has gradually become a net red product. The classic Danhuangsu is wrapped in a layer of smooth red bean paste, and an egg yolk is wrapped in the red bean paste, which is crispy and delicious, sweet but not greasy. The upgraded version of Danhuangsu will also add pork floss, Xue Mei Niang, etc., making the overall taste richer. Danhuangsu can be eaten as afternoon tea, which is delicious and can replenish physical strength, killing two birds with one stone.

Old Yogurt(老酸奶)

The Difference Between Old Yogurt and ordinary yogurt is that the solidification State Is Different, old yogurt is solid, ordinary yogurt is liquid, old yogurt looks like tender Tofu, delicate and smooth taste with a small spoon to eat. Old Yogurt more sour taste some, to adjust the intestinal tract has certain benefits, but the more acidic things on the teeth of the more corrosive, eat must remember after gargling. Old Yogurt is not added sugar and other additives, more suitable for people who do not like to eat sweets and focus on health.

Raccoon Noodles(小浣熊干脆面)

Chinese instant noodles are probably familiar to everyone, but have you ever tried the little raccoon noodles? Unlike instant noodles, the raccoon noodles can be eaten directly without boiling the blisters. They have a variety of flavors, including barbecue, Orleans chicken wings, seaweed, Taiwan sausage, etc. The raccoon noodles are crispy and delicious. It makes people more addicted as they eat. It is very popular among Chinese elementary and middle school students. There is a Chinese Water Margin Hero card in each pack of Little Raccoon Crispy Noodles. Many people eat a lot of dried crispy noodles to collect the cards.

Dried mango(芒果干)

Dried mango is produced by the processing of mango dried fruit, its taste sweet and sour fragrance, sweet and not greasy, memorable entry, the aftertaste is endless. Some people even think dried mangoes taste better than fresh ones because they are too troublesome to eat and get their hands and mouth dirty. Dried mangoes, on the other hand, retain their original fragrance, increase their chewiness, and are very convenient to eat. This is great for those who love eating mangoes.

Walnut Crisp(核桃酥)

Walnut Crisp is a famous snack food in China. It is produced in north and south of China. The flavor of Walnut Crisp is different in different producing areas, especially in Beijing, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and Taiwan. Walnut cake to walnut as the main raw material produced, nutritional value is very high, it is very crisp taste, a careless will fall on the ground of the slag, sweet moderate, there is a strong walnut fragrance. But it’s a little dry on its own, so it’s better with tea or juice.

Squid silk(鱿鱼丝)

Squid silk is made of squid by strict processing technology, which is very popular among young people in China. The squid shreds are light yellow or yellow-white in shape, loose and chewy in texture, delicious and with a strong seafood flavor.

The packaged squid shreds in the supermarket snack area are ready to eat and come in a variety of flavors, such as plain and spicy. Some snack bars in China also have “shredded squid” on their menus. They shred the cubes of dried squid and grill them in the oven. Served with soy sauce and Wasabi, they make a tasty side dish for drinking.

Red Dates and walnuts(红枣夹核桃)

There is a saying in China: “Eat three jujubes every day, and youth does not show old age”. It means eating three jujubes a day to keep young and not getting old. Although the effect may not be so magical, eating some red dates every day is indeed good for the body.

Red Dates and walnuts are the peeled walnut kernels sandwiched in red dates. Sweet and waxy red dates and crispy walnuts are delicious and nutritious. For those who pay attention to health and love snacks, red dates with walnuts are the best choice!

Daily nuts(每日坚果)

In recent years, a snack called daily nuts has become popular in China. Daily nuts with a variety of dried nuts, nutritious and delicious, all major supermarkets in China have to sell. Daily nuts crisp and fragrant, sweet and sour fruit, can be eaten alone, can also be served with breakfast, Afternoon Tea, cakes, yogurt and other edible, has become the office of China’s essential snack.

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